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Volunteer Overview

The Nebraska Golf Association (NGA) is a membership-based, nonprofit organization that promotes the game of golf. The NGA Volunteer Program is designed to assist the NGA in delivering the highest quality service to our members and member clubs throughout Nebraska.

NGA Volunteers

These volunteers graciously donate their time and experience to the Association for the love of golf. They believe in promoting and preserving the true spirit of the game.

Why Should I Sign Up?

The NGA administers over 50 days of competition each year. Whether it's the starter on the first tee, the official in the scoring tent or the host at the registration table, every organized championship needs great volunteers. It takes a special individual to continually volunteer his time, knowledge and experience. NGA volunteers put in early mornings and long afternoons on and off the golf course fulfilling their duties with accuracy and satisfaction.

How to Become an NGA Tournament Volunteer or Rules Official

The only requirements to become an NGA championship volunteer or rules official are membership in the NGA, purchase of the NGA volunteer apparel package (details below) and a desire to give back to the game.

If interested please complete the following steps:

Step #1: Registration
Click on the "register here" link below, complete the Volunteer Profile Registration Form and submit it to the NGA.


If you want to register to become a volunteer and have problems with the above link, contact our NGA Volunteer Coordinator, Gary Austin, at austin1090@cox.net.

Step #2: Event Sign-Up
Once you have been accepted as an NGA Volunteer, simply determine which job (or jobs) interest you, then click on the "Event Sign-Up" tab in this section to see what's available.
There you'll find a list of events and available volunteer positions. Brief job descriptions are given below, but more detailed information will be provided when you arrive for your first assignment. Select a task that fits your schedule, submit your request and we'll add you to the assignment sheet.



NGA Volunteer Apparel Package (Required)

Tournament volunteers are required to purchase the NGA's volunteer apparel package. The package consists of a Fairway & Greene (F&G) golf shirt and an Imperial cap, both with the NGA logo. It's essential that NGA tournament volunteers be identifiable at NGA competitions. The volunteer apparel package may be purchased for a one-time good deal of $35 by selecting the "Apparel" tab along the left in this section. All volunteers will receive an identification badge to be worn at NGA competitions.

The official uniform for Staff, Rules Officials, Starters and Official Scorers is a white shirt with the NGA logo, khaki slacks, NGA-approved headgear and an NGA identification badge. Khaki shorts or skirts, in addition to slacks, are approved for female volunteers. This uniformity makes the NGA Staff and volunteers more recognizable at events.

Optional Volunteer Apparel

As optional parts of the official NGA Staff/Rules Official uniform, several Fairway & Greene and Zero Restriction clothing items with the NGA logo are available for purchase, either for cash or by trading volunteer days. These are strictly voluntary items, not part of the Volunteer Apparel Package. They can be worn as part of the official uniform.

Volunteer Rewards Program

The Rewards Program enables volunteers to build credit towards free items based on the number of full days worked. The NGA Volunteer Coordinator maintains a spreadsheet to track the number of days each volunteer works. A volunteer may redeem his or her accumulated credit when desired to receive any reward items listed below. Credit does not expire so it may be carried over from year to year. This table has been revised to include the optional NGA items now available and provides both a workday trade equivalent and a cash purchase price for each item. All of these items will have the NGA logo.

Days Worked
Imperial Nantucket Red Cap (Required item)
White F&G Solid Tech Polo (Required item)
White F&G Reese Polo (Women)
White L/S F&G Pinpoint Oxford
Black F&G Caves 1/4 Zip Pullover
Black F&G Caves 1/4 Zip Vest
Black Zero Restriction 1/4 Zip Pullover (Men)
Black Zero Restriction Samantha Pullover (W)
Black Zero Restriction Gore-Tex Stealth Rain Jacket (Men)
Black Zero Restriction Gore-Tex Stacy Rain Jacket (Women)
Black Zero Restriction Gore-Tex Stealth Rain Pants (Men)
Black Zero Restriction Gore-Tex Stacy Rain Pants (Women)


The NGA classifies its volunteers into one of two categories - Tournament Volunteers or Rules Officials.

Some individuals have no desire to become Rules Officials, but would still like to help. That is perfectly fine and is encouraged. We can certainly use your assistance! In the following brief job descriptions, whether the positions are considered Rules Officials or Tournament Volunteers is included in parentheses following the job title. These designations are put there to help people determine where they might best assist, but the designations are not binding. As volunteers gain more experience, they may be moved to different positions, but only if they are comfortable doing so.

Real-Time On-Course Scoring (Tournament Volunteer)
Volunteer obtains each golfer's hole-by-hole score as the golfer passes a designated check-point on the golf course. The scores are then either radioed to a real-time coordinator located in the clubhouse for posting on the internet or entered on an electronic tablet and posted directly to the internet. Tablets are now the predominant method of doing real-time scoring.

Registration (Tournament Volunteer)
Volunteer hosts the registration table where golfers check in. This individual provides players any necessary announcements, distributes NGA-produced tournament materials and answers any questions an individual might have.

Pace of Play Check-Point (Rules Official)
In competitions where the NGA uses pace of play check-points, atomic clocks are available near the green on holes #4, #9, #13 and #18. Volunteers at each of these check-points are assigned to accurately log the time each group completes play on the applicable hole. These are critical positions in enforcing pace of play guidelines. This assignment may require a volunteer to assess warnings or penalties for slow play.

Scoreboard Assistant (Tournament Volunteer)

Generally, the NGA contracts a company called Scoreboard Whiz to produce its tournament score sheets. Stickers are provided for each posted score, as well as names for the tournament summary board. Several volunteers work to post these stickers on the tournament's public scoreboard. Events that use the traditional calligraphy scoring method require volunteers to assist the calligrapher in posting accurate information.

Because the NGA is using more online scoring where the scores are displayed on TVs in the clubhouse vicinity, scoreboard assistance is now more limited in many of our events.

Scoring Area (Rules Official)
The NGA generally places an individual familiar with the Rules of Golf in the scoring tent. When this is not possible, a volunteer with some rules knowledge is given detailed instructions on accepting scorecards. The volunteer is required to maintain an organized scoring area and confirm that all scorecards are properly completed. If a question arises, the volunteer is required to contact an official for assistance.

Spotter (Tournament Volunteer)
Volunteers are positioned on the golf course in high risk landing zones to locate and mark errant shots by players. Spotters are given wire flags to mark the position of each player's ball that is not readily visible. This is a critical duty to help maintain expeditious play by reducing time spent in ball searches. Although not required, a pair of good binoculars sometimes helps when visibility is not optimal.

Standard Bearer (Tournament Volunteer)
During the later stages of an NGA championship, the NGA assigns volunteers to serve as standard bearers to walk with one of the event's last 3-4 groups. A standard bearer carries an aluminum leaderboard displaying the score relative to par for each individual in the group. Knowledge of golf scoring is required, along with the ability to walk 18 holes.

Starter (Rules Official)
The starter is positioned on the first (and sometimes 10th) tee to start each group at its scheduled time. This individual gives any last minute instructions, distributes necessary materials and announces golfers at their assigned starting times. Knowledge of the Rules of Golf is not required, but is helpful to answer any player inquiries. The starter will receive detailed instructions on his duties and responsibilities prior to the first tee time.

Volunteer Coordinator (Rules Official)
This volunteer assists the NGA by overseeing all tournament volunteer activities. He coordinates volunteer check-in, explains hospitality arrangements, keeps track of needed breaks, manages schedules, provides brief substitutions when needed, and more or less keeps the volunteers happy.

As stated earlier, most of the volunteer positions discussed briefly in the foregoing paragraphs will have more detailed guidance available when a volunteer reports for his or her first assignment for that particular duty.


NGA officials provide on-course assistance to players regarding the Rules of Golf and pace of play. Rules officials are appointed by the NGA based on their Rules of Golf knowledge and their officiating experience. A passion for and comprehension of the Rules of Golf are a must to become a rules offficial.

The NGA strives to maintain three classifications for officials:

Level 1
Officials just getting started are classified as level 1. These individuals participate in on course observation and one-on-one training with a current level 2 or 3 rules official or NGA staff member. In some cases level 1 officials may work as a starter, scoring tent official, or pace of play check-point official, or oversee a zone on the golf course - always with a radio close at hand.

Level 2
Level 2 officials must have attended either an NGA Rules of Golf Workshop or a USGA/PGA Rules of Golf Workshop and show a working knowledge of the Rules of Golf. They should be comfortable working alone on the golf course answering rules questions and issuing penalties. More seasoned level 2 officials may be asked to assist in marking a golf course or serve as a walking referee for match play or one of the later groups in stroke play championships. Most NGA officials will fall in the level 2 classification.

Level 3
Level 3 officials must have attended a USGA/PGA Rules of Golf Workshop and scored 85 or higher on the rules exam. These officials are capable of working as an Official-in-Charge at NGA competitions, can determine course set-up and proper course markings, and can make final decisions concerning rules issues and suspension of play.