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2019 Rules of Golf Resources

The new Rules of Golf go into effect on January 1, 2019, and in order to get you prepared, we've picked out the most important resources provided by the USGA. Check out the resources below, and visit usga.org/rules for even more.

2019 Major Changes

Take a look at the major changes to the Rules, including videos and reasons for the changes.

2019 Rules of Golf

Included here is the Player's Edition, the Full Rules and also the Interpretations. These are also available through the USGA Rules of Golf App, which is a great resource, on or off the course. Download the moblie app here for Android and iOS.

Rules of Golf Explained Videos

This video series takes the most common scenarios you'll face on the course, and shows you how to proceed under the new Rules. The videos are short and concise and one of the best resources available..


There are several infographics available that help explain the major changes, and the process of the Rules Modernization. Check them out here.

Rules of Golf Quizzes

Once you've become familiar with the new Rules, a great way to learn and also test your knowledge is to use the USGA's Rules Quizzes. You can customize the quizzes to fit your needs, including anywhere from 10-25 questions and Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels. You can take the Interactive quiz right on your device, or print it off and take it by hand (great for groups).

2019 Rules FAQ

Have a specific question about the Rules that you can't find an answer to? It's likely that someone has already asked your question. Check out the USGA's Frequently Asked Questions tool to find your answer.



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