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Competition FAQs

What tournaments does the NGA conduct?
The NGA conducts 5 men's state championships including the Nebraska Amateur, Nebraska Match Play, Nebraska Mid-Amateur, Nebraska Senior Amateur and Nebraska Four-Ball. The NGA also stages Club Team Championship, a fall Collegiate Preview Series, a Parent-Child Chapman, a team Interclub Championship, the Directors Cup Matches and the Nebraska-Kansas Junior Cup Matches. In addition the NGA collaborates with the Nebraska Section of the PGA to bring you the Nebraska Open and the Nebraska Cup Matches.

What are the requirements to play in an NGA event?
Every tournament has different requirements. Please see specific application for eligibility requirements.

What is the entry deadline for NGA events?
Every event has a different deadline requirement. Please see specific application for such deadlines.

Can I get a refund if I need to cancel from playing in an event?
Entry fee is refunded regardless of reason if the NGA is notified before the close of entries. After the close of entries, fee will be refunded in the case of injury or illness, if requested before the first day of the event. A $25 service charge per player is deducted from all refunds.

Are practice rounds available for events?
Each event has a different practice round policy. Please see specific application for such privileges. In most cases a practice round is offered for a minimal fee to entrants one week prior to the event at an available time.

What is the entry fee for each event?
Each event has a different application fee. Amateur - $75/$150; Match Play - $65/$125; Senior Amateur - $125; Mid-Amateur - $125; Four-Ball - $250 (team); Open - $140; Parent-Child - $150 (team); Collegiate Preview Series - $90.

If I have a Rules of Golf question, what should I do?
If you are participating in a NGA event consult a Rules Official or the championship committee. Other than NGA competitions, contact the NGA championship department and they will be happy to answer any rules questions you may have.

Are carts and/or caddies permitted at NGA events?
Carts and/or caddies are permitted at all NGA competitions except those limited to junior golfers. However, the NGA feels walking is an important part of the game, and thus, players should use a golf cart only when circumstances warrant such use.

Does the NGA have a dress code for events?
For all NGA tournaments, players and caddies must be neat in appearance with respect to personal grooming. All entrants are required to wear either golf slacks, or shorts, and shirts with collars and sleeves. Examples of attire NOT ACCEPTABLE include the following: short shorts, athletic shorts, tennis shorts, cut- offs, jeans, jean shorts, tank tops, t-shirts, sweats. The Committee in charge shall decide whether this requirement has been met and will withdraw the entry of any player who does not comply.

What is the NGA's position on non-conforming equipment?
The NGA conducts all of its competitions pursuant to the Rules of Golf. Accordingly, the NGA endorses the USGA position that a “single set of rules, including those for equipment, best serves all constituencies of the game, including both competitive and recreational players.” For all NGA competitions, use of a non-conforming golf club or ball is a violation of the Rules of Golf and will result in a penalty of disqualification. Likewise, any rounds played with non-conforming equipment are not acceptable for handicap posting.

Link here for a list of non-conforming driving clubs.

Link here for a list of conforming golf balls.

How many entries are accepted for each event?
The number of entries accepted for each event varies. Amateur - unlimited; Match Play - unlimited; Senior Amateur - 144; Mid-Amateur - 72; Four-Ball - 72 Teams, 144 Players; Open - 30; Parent-Child - 50 Teams, 100 players; Collegiate Preview Series - 45.

Can I sign-up for a event after the entry deadline?

Where can I get USGA championship applications?
You can download applications and apply for USGA championships by visiting the USGA web site at www.usga.org.

What is the policy concerning NSF checks?
Entries with insufficient funds will be considered incomplete and unacceptable and will be withdrawn. The entrant is responsible for any fee incurred by the NGA for NSF checks and must pay such fees before entry in further NGA events is allowed.

Does the NGA offer Rules of Golf education classes?
Yes. For a schedule of dates and times please refer to the rules of golf education area.

What is the difference between the Match Play Championship and the Amateur Championship?
The match play championship consists of a one-day 18-hole qualifier which reduces the field to 64 competitors for a match play portion. The Amateur Championship is a 72-hole stroke play championship consisting of 144 competitors. Golfers qualify for the amateur through exemptions or pre-qualifying at five regional sites..

How can I get directions to an event?
NGA Championships participants will be mailed or e-mailed a Memo to Contestants which includes directions to the course following the event deadline. Information will also be available on-line at www.nebgolf.org.

What will happen if I throw or break a club out of anger?
The NGA believes strongly in the original tenets of the etiquette of the game — that players are to act in an appropriate manner while playing, regardless whether it is a championship or casual round. The NGA Conduct Policy was established to clearly restate the expected conduct of the players participating in any NGA event, or as a representative of the NGA, and to deal with any violation thereof.

Any player considering submitting an application for an event should take the time to carefully read it. By signing and submitting an application for an NGA competition, the player is confirming his/her knowledge of such code and the agreement to abide by such code, and its resultant penalties should it be enforced.