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Thank you for your interest in joining the Nebraska Golf Association.

The NGA, founded in 1966, is comprised of all members of public and private clubs and/or municipal or regional golf associations, and/or military installations which utilize an approved handicap service recognized by the USGA and provided by the NGA.

In all cases, these clubs are united in purpose: To provide their members with the opportunity to pursue the game of golf with integrity and in accordance with the USGA Handicap System™. Member courses provide handicaps by utilizing the best handicap computation service available, the Golf Handicap and Information Network, commonly know as GHIN.

An individual may become a NGA member by joining one of our 150+ Member Clubs and establishing a USGA Handicap Index®. There are two easy methods for applying:

1. Online by selecting a "home" club from a list of participating Member Clubs located across Nebraska.

2. In person at a NGA Member Club near one's home or work.

When you sign-up, you will begin to receive all the benefits that come with being a member of the NGA.

Nebraska Golf Association Member Benefits
USGA Handicap Index®
Subscription to Nebraska Golfer
Free NGA Mobile App
Personalized eNewsletters sent via email each revision with your revised USGA Handicap Index®
Stat tracking capabilities through GHIN’s eGolfer functionality
Eligibility to compete in Nebraska Golf Association Championships and Events
Hole-in-One Recognition
Satisfaction of giving back to the game with your dues being invested in the form of numerous meaningful services

Join Online
It is now easier than ever to join the NGA through our new online program. Applicants are presented a list of participating clubs, after choosing a "home" club from the list of participating clubs click the Join/Renew button. Select either Yes, No, or I don't know if you ever had a GHIN number. Fill out the application and make payment via credit card. The annual dues for online memberships are $35, and the NGA accepts VISA and Mastercard.

Once the application is accepted, new members will receive an email confirmation with their GHIN number.

Click the "Join the NGA" link below to get started.

Join in Person
If you are a member of a private club your NGA membership is almost always taken care of as part of your club membership. Your golf club probably bills you once a year for a "Handicap Service Fee". While providing your USGA/GHIN handicap index is one of the more obvious things the Nebraska Golf Association does, it is far from everything the NGA is doing to make golf better for all of us. For that reason, we hope your club is billing you for what the fee really is, a membership to the NGA, one of the benefits of which is your handicap.

If you are not a member of a private golf club, you can visit the nearest public golf course or the one you play the most to establish your NGA membership. Ask someone behind the counter for information on how to establish a NGA membership or GHIN number. After filling out an application and paying the necessary payment, you will receive a GHIN number (your handicap identification number) and hence, a membership to the Nebraska Golf Association. You may now begin posting scores. Once you have posted five scores and we pass one of the twenty-four revision periods, you will receive your USGA Handicap Index®.

Click on the Club Directory link at the top of the page to view a current list of NGA Member Clubs.

For information or questions regarding NGA membership, please contact Justin Ahrens at (402) 505-4653, ext. 104 or via email at jahrens@nebgolf.org.